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Exquisite technology,COB Strip production process

5月 18,2021



COB Strip is a new-type high brightness and high CRI linear light, has beautiful appearance, highly consistent color and light uniform soft bright, can achieve multiple waterproof grade.Adopt the flip packaging process, has good heat dissipation, low calorie, long life and other excellent characteristics.

The exquisite technology achieve good quality, COB Strip production materials:
LED chip, solder paste, PCB circuit board, fluorescent powder, silicone, terminal, back tape, reel, flip solidifying machine, reflow welding, dispensing machine, testing equipment, welding machine, mixer.

COB Strip production process:
1. Firstly, the PCB solder pads are coated with tin paste organically by automatic tin-brushing machine. The coating uniformity and thickness of tin decide the quality and smoothness, as well as the quality of the welding chip.
2.Fix the PCB with coated tin on the fixture, input and set the chip solidification program through the computer programming, debug the direction and high-low of die Bond,confirm the electrode direction of the chip.
3. Do a small batch of die Bond test firstly, then check the appearance quality of the PCB with die bond, determine the direction of die bond whether there is solder paste, whether the position of die bond is correct, and flow the inspected product into the next process.
4. Put the finished die-bond PCB board and wafer into reflow soldering, set the temperature and speed of reflow soldering, weld the LED chip firmly in reflow welding, and process the conduct electrical test and check whether the LED chip can emit light normally after coming out.
5. After testing the LED chip on the PCB board,then proceed the proportioning process for the fluorescent powder and silicone.We're going to do it in different proportions according to the customer's ruquested photoelectric parameters.
6 The PCB board is fixed on the dispensing machine and proceed dispensing , dispensing process is the most critical process for the success of the led strip, after dispensing the PCB board into the oven for baking.
7.We will test the photoelectric parameters of led strip after baking,see whether the test data meet customer requirements.
8. We weld the different length by the 0.5Meter PCB board, and pack the led strip with one roll after sticking the 3M Tape on the back.
9.If there is no problem after small batch trial production, then mass production.
The overall production process of cob led strip is more complicated, each step is related to the quality of the led strip, need to treat each step carefully, in order to ensure the quality of the finished product.
As a new linear lighting product, COB strip doesn't have absolute advantage compared with traditional linear lighting products in cost. With the subsequent mature technology and the gradual completion of the industrial chain, COB strip will the trend.
As COB strip excellent production process, the highly consistent color, luminous linear and LED wrapped in glue can achieve more rich color.

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