1225 Silicone LED Neon strip

Silicone neon strip 1225,Side Bend, Luminous surface 12mm, low voltage 24V, using environmental protection grade silicone material extrusion molding process, outdoor IP67 high grade waterproof, good flexibility, bending resistance, easy modeling design, yellow resistance, UV resistance, salt and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and other excellent characteristics. uniform luminous , pure light color, full color temperature. Suitable for building outline, shopping mall lighting design and other installation scenes.

1225 Silicone LED Neon strip
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    1225 Silicone LED Neon strip

    • TypeSK-N1225V24-Cx
    • Cross Section12mm*25mm(W*H)
    • VoltageDC24V
    • Power5W/10W/15W/m
    • Waterproof GradeIP67
    • Min cut unit50mm/62.5mm
    • Working Temperature-25°C~+60°C
    • Warranty3years
    1225 Silicone LED Neon strip

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