DMX512 RGB Flex LED Wall Washer

PU glue is used for filling and sealing, so that it has strong adhesion, good durability and high reliability. Various beam angles are available for different applications. Full color, combined with the control system which can realize the pattern changes of running water, horse race, meteor rear-end, chase, etc. Compatible with DMX512 (1990) protocol, automatic addressing and encoding, using RS485 signal trunk and signal differential transmission mode. It has strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance.

DMX512 RGB Flex LED Wall Washer
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    DMX512 RGB Flex LED Wall Washer

    • TypeSK-WL13Q36V24-Crgb-DMX512
    • Cross Section18.5*9.5mm(W*H)
    • VoltageDC24V
    • Power8.5W
    • Irradiation Angle15° / 30° / 45° / 15*60°
    • Waterproof GradeIP67
    • Working Temperature-25℃~+45℃
    • Warranty3years
    DMX512 RGB Flex LED Wall Washer

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