Common RGB/RGBW Flex LED Wall Washer

Adopting TPU material, it’s resistant to yellowing, high temperature, corrosion, weak acid and alkali, and has great flexibility. PU glue is used for filling and sealing, so that it has strong adhesion, good durability and high reliability.-It can replace the traditional hard wall washer light. Small size, light weight, flexible and easy to install. Various beam angles are available for different applications. RGB color, combined with the control system can realize the color and luminous effect changes.

Common RGB/RGBW Flex LED Wall Washer
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    Common RGB Flex LED Wall Washer

    • TypeSK-WL13Q42V24-Crgb/Crgbw
    • Cross Section18.5*9.5mm(W*H)
    • Voltage24V
    • Power6.5W(RGB)/8W(RGBW)
    • Irradiation Angle15°/30°/45°/15*60°
    • Waterproof GradeIP67
    • Working Temperature-25℃~+45℃
    • Warranty3years
    Common RGB Flex LED Wall Washer

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